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School is Good

2012-12-19 03:52:31 by yahuwa

Been going to University of the Pacific for computer science. No regrets. Art is still fun. Life is good.

College wasn't my idea

2012-02-05 17:55:54 by yahuwa

It was never my plan to go to college for art and it still doesn't seem completely feasible, BUT I can clearly see how much I could benefit from going to school for it. I want to learn many other subjects just as bad, but I can see the practical applications of my art more immediately. I've never taken an art class so I have no one to write me a recommendation on an art supplement. My main problem is with getting scholarships. My records show good but not perfect grades, little extracurricular, and no outstanding awards, but I'm sure I'm very good at the things I do (other than writing) and I would flourish in college. I'm considering more and more going to a junior college just for recommendations/outstandingnesses and such.

College wasn't my idea

Not much more to say other than that I will be getting into pixel art soon.